Guantanamo Bay Becomes a Video Game

Sorry to be so GitMo heavy today, but ehgads there is a Guantanamo Bay video game in development. Yeah, we thought the idea of escaping from GitMo was and idea best reserved for fiction, and apparently we were right. 

T-Enterprises, the British software company developing the game, says Rendition: Guantanamo is based on the supposedly actual experience of former-detainee Moazzam Begg. The hero of the game is sold by the United States to an evil corporation known as Freedom Corp (which a pixelated Dick Cheney probably runs), and is used in medical experiments. 

The character has to escape, but don't worry he's not shooting U.S. Troops. Just mercenaries for Haliburton Freedom Corp. Trailer above. In more important video game news: The Sims 3 came out today, and someone needs to keep it away from me or I'll never be able to blog again.

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Kyle Munzenrieder