GQ Names Florida the 10th Worst State Ever

We find the timing of this announcement ironic, since we figure about half of the magazine's readership (the kind of cultured and stylish man who throws your gaydar completely off) is in Florida right now for Art Basel, but GQ has named the Sunshine State the 10th worst state ever. Then again, all true Floridians at one point or another consider Florida the worst state ever, so we can't really complain.

Quips GQ:

The stripper-strewn Sunshine State lives up to its dong-like contour with some of the nation's highest rates of sexually transmitted disease. It's also contracted a bad case of real-estate foreclosures and continues to battle those chronic voting irregularities. Which is why other states have been trying to get Florida into "a home" for years. But it stubbornly insists on waiting for rising sea levels to take it.

STD-ridden retirees who can't vote nor afford their mortgages. Actually sounds just about right.

Arizona, the state-to-hate-du-jour, of course comes out at number one, and considering Republican in Tallahassee are thinking about copying their laws it's really no surprise we weren't so far before.

Massachusetts is the 50th worst state, if you're wondering, which, yes, technically would make it the best. The existence and behavior of Patriots fans should prove otherwise.

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Kyle Munzenrieder