Gov. Rick Scott Makes Doughnuts, Gets Pink-Slipped

On his first day returning to his "hard-worker roots," Gov. Rick Scott got served. Yesterday, Florida's leader was behind the counter of Nicola's Donut Shop in Tampa taking and handing out orders as part of his image rehabilitation campaign to connect with regular folk ravaged by unemployment and his Tea Party shenanigans to privatize everything in government. Ironically, Scott took the idea from one of his Democratic predecessors, Bob Graham, who spent part of his time as a state legislator and gubernatorial candidate in 1977 experiencing "the lives of ordinary Floridians firsthand by working their jobs."

Well, ordinary Floridians from the protest group Pink Slip Rick took the opportunity to let the Guv know how they feel about his work performance in Tallahassee. One after another, they each handed a creepy smiling Scott a pink slip.

One lady took the opportunity to chastise Scott for gutting public education. "You should be ashamed that I have to go out and buy things for my daughter's classroom because of a shortage of funds."

But being the good businessman that he is, Scott didn't devour her on sight. Instead, he kept giving her his molester grin and thanked her for coming. The whole exchange was captured on video and posted on Pink Slip Rick's YouTube channel.

Next stop on Scott's workday makeover: Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.