Golden Penned Sports Writers Take Golden Opportunity to Make Puns as Miami's New Golden Boy Goes for the Gold ...en

Sports writers across the country were saying "Auuuu!" this morning over the prospect of making a Fort Knox worth of puns based on the name of University of Miami's new head football coach Al Golden. It's a "golden era" as the "golden Canes" take a "golden opportunity" on a new "golden boy," don't you know. Facing the prospect of having to read hundreds, if not thousands of hacky "Golden" puns over the next few years, we'd really like to call on our fellow journalists to snip this in the bud right now.

Look, here's a quick roundup of headlines employing "Golden" puns from around the media today:

And that's just headlines! We'd be here all day trying to track down all the puns in the actual copy. (Really though, no one went for how the 'Canes hire is "solid Golden?")

Can we just end this now? Please?

Though, we will make on exception for a quip from Everyday Should be Saturday: "PLEASE NAME THE LOCKER ROOM SHOWERS AFTER HIM BECAUSE GET IT HAHAHAHA."

Ok, that is the only Golden pun we will ever endorse. Everyone else, please get it out of your system now.

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Kyle Munzenrieder