Glee Fact Checked by Florida's Pulitzer-Winning Political Fact Checking Site

Like churners-out of web content everywhere, the writers of Politifact, the Pulitzer Prize winning "keepin' em honest"-style political project of the Tampa Bay Times, sometimes get a little restless. Apparently this now means that the site is in the business of checking claims made on Glee.

See, apparently on last night's episode America's favorite wearer of leather pants and rhinestoned shirts, Ricky Martin, stopped by to play a night school Spanish teacher and informed everyone that, "Do you know that the U.S. Census believes that by 2030 the majority of Americans will use Spanish as their first language?"

No, we did not know that, Ricky Martin! Politifact had to get to the bottom of it however, and actually called up someone at the U.S. Census Bureau.

"We don't do projections of language spoken," the flack responded. "That's very strange someone would cite us."

After some more exhaustive checking, Politifact found that the claim was in fact completely false. Granted, the writers of Glee haven't been able to produce anything resembling three-dimensional characters or compelling plots since season one, so we're really not surprised that the show's facts are about as realistic as everything else going on.

So there you have it folks. Fox's musical show is about as reliable when it comes to political facts as it's news channel.

Though, maybe Politifact should stay in the business of covering TV shows. Episode recaps you know are right behind "cute animals" in the hierarchy of things that guarantee web hits. Actually, we've got a few questions about the political realities of things going on during Parks and Rec this season.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.