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Gimme Sugar Season 2 Promises Real Lesbians of Miami Beach

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It truly is a reality TV renaissance for the city of Miami. What, with

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. Now Logo is set to air yet another Miami-set docudrama called

Gimme Sugar: Miami

. It premieres this Monday both on Logo and online, but we got a sneak peak of the first episode. 

So we didn't actually know this was a show before, but Season One centered on Charlene -- the lesbian equivalent of LC from The Hills (OK, actually we were able to sit through an entire episode of this, which is more than we can say for The Hills) -- who hosts a weekly lesbian party in West Hollywood called Truckstop, naturally. Sometime in the offseason she met a girl, fell in love, went to Thailand, and broke up with her which was understandably a bit of a bummer. Her bosses called her in, and said, "Listen, you've kinda been a sucky employee for the past six months, so we've decided to send you off to Miami to start a Truckstop party here!" 

Charlene packs up and leaves for our shores, where she meets a gaggle of skinny, string-bikini clad girls through her new roommate Hilary. Hilary is a cute, little 20-year-old in flannel who makes her own vlog called "Don't Feed the Lesbians." We were so intrigued that we googled "Hilary Lesbian," but you can guess what came up.

Upon hearing why Charlene is in town, her new friends eyes glass over. "Lesbian night life in Miami Beach? Is that... is that possible?" They're like "Umm, we usually go to Fort Lauderdale." 

Charlene has never heard of this Fort Lauderdale, and is not sure why she would ever want to go there. We are not sure either Charlene. So off to Laudy they go, and it is kind of horrible, as so many things in Lauderdale are. 

The series seems fun, and apparently it's the only show on the air in America that features lesbian or bisexual women this side of Rachel Maddow. So kudos for that. The preview for the rest of the season includes drama, not table flipping drama, but drama none the less as Charlene navigates the bullshit world of the Miami club scene and the tempers of her fiery new friends. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.