Gerardo Silva Jr., Medley Councilman Slammed For Credit Card Use, Resigns

Read "Gerardo Silva Jr. Charged $2500 In Clothes And Electronics On His Medley Credit Card"and "Gerardo Silva Jr.'s 911 Call: 'I am a Councilman!'"

Medley Town Councilman Gerrado Silva Jr. has officially resigned. His last day was Aug. 8. But if you think Silva resigned because of all the embarrassing press he's gotten in the past six months, think again. Silva resigned so he can run for town mayor on the Nov. 6 ballot against incumbent Ramon Rodriguez. When we contacted Silva on his cellphone, he hung up before we could ask him why he resigned to run for mayor.

Silva's troubles began in March when the Town Council changed its credit card policies after the then-councilman made some questionable purchases.

Silva had charged more than $2,500 on his town-issued credit card that included $500 in discounted suits, a $688 iPad2 and $230 shoes from Nordstrom. He also used town funds to buy an $800 high-definition projector and a $70 laser remote for the device. The iPad2 and a laptop computer issued to Silva by the town were stolen from the backseat his car this past March 3.

Then, we got a hold of a 911 call Silva made this past Nov. 20 demanding a dispatcher send a Miami-Dade Police patrol unit to his neighbor's house, who was playing loud music. At one point, a frustrated Silva tells the dispatcher, "You don't understand -- I am a councilman for the Town of Medley!"

In April, the Miami Herald reported that Silva had been appointed as a guardian ad litem for troubled kids even though a family court judge in 2008 had ruled that he could not visit his own daughters. Silva is divorced. The magistrate wrote an opinion that found Silva's behavior disturbing and noted his arrest on May 27, 2008 by the Medley Police. That day, according to the arrest report, a car dealership reported that Silva had stolen a repossessed SUV. His daughters, 6 and 3 at the time, where inside the vehicle when Silva was confronted by Medley cops.

The police officers claim he resisted arrest and had to use a Taser on him. The charges were subsequently dismissed and Silva had the arrest expunged.

Medley Town Attorney Michael Pizzi says that Silva turned in all his town-issued identifications, including his councilman badge on Tuesday. Pizzi says Silva has yet to reimburse the town for the stolen iPad2 and laptop.

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