George Zimmerman Will Likely Not Face Federal Civil Rights Charges

George Zimmerman Will Likely Not Face Federal Civil Rights Charges

After a two-year investigation, the Department of Justice will likely not press civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, according to anonymous sources who talked to the Washington Post. One source says investigators still want to "dot their i's and cross their t's" before officially closing the case.

The news comes just days after Attorney General Eric Holder announced that he'll be stepping down.

Though Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges after he shot Miami Gardens teen Trayvon Martin in 2012, Holder's defense department announced it would investigate the matter. Though, proving a civil rights charge at the federal level would be difficult.

Investigators would have to prove that not only did Zimmerman follow Martin in the first place because of his race, but also that he intentionally shot Martin simply because of his race.

However, the DOJ still says that the investigation is officially ongoing, and Martin's parents have not heard of any decision.

The news also comes a week after GQ published a bizarre look into the world of Zimmerman's family.

George's father Bob said that the possibility of facing federal charges had worried Zimmerman.

"He's worried," Bob told the magazine, "that if FBI agents come and kick in his door, he's probably gonna shoot a few of them."

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