George Zimmerman Visited a Florida Gun Factory, Asked About Tactical Shotguns

After a jury acquitted George Zimmerman in the death of Miami teen Trayvon Martin, his attorneys went to great lengths to keep his whereabouts secret so he could keep a "low profile." But Zimmerman, it seems, wasn't quite as interested in leaving the limelight.

Three weeks after speeding through Texas with a gun in his truck, Zimmerman is back in the news for visiting the Florida weapons manufacturer that made the gun he used to kill Martin. Zimmerman asked about buying the company's tactical shotgun.

Zimmerman was spotted yesterday at Kel Tec, a Cocoa, Florida-based firm that makes "original, unique, high-performance firearms." Among those are the PF-9 pistol that Zimmerman used to kill Martin in the Sanford neighborhood where he acted as an unofficial watchman.

Kel Tec's owner's son posted a photo shaking Zimmerman's hand after giving him a tour of the facility, and employees tell TMZ he asked about buying the Kel Tec KSG, a shotgun that can hold 12 rounds of 12-gauge shells.

Before the Second Amendment drum-bangers leap into the comments section, yes, Zimmerman is a free man now and has every right to buy whatever new weapons he sees fit. He can tour every gun maker between Florida and California and blast some rounds at those hilarious cutouts that look like Osama bin Laden too.

The point isn't what Zimmerman legally can do; it's what he should be doing with his free time. In a state still emotionally split over the jury's decision in Martin's death, gladhanding at the same factory that made the gun that killed the unarmed teen is awfully close to screaming "fire" in a crowded theater.

Buy whatever guns you want, George. But could you wait a couple of months before shopping so publicly for a weapon that looks right out of the set for Punisher 3?

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