George Zimmerman Dropped by His Lawyers After He Went Rogue

George Zimmerman has just lost his attorneys. Well, acutally his attorneys have lost track of him. They haven't heard from him in days but know he's been making recent moves against their advice. So basically they held a news conference today to say they've withdrawn from the case.  

Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig, Zimmerman's now-former attorneys, say they have "a pretty good idea where he is" but aren't quite sure because he hasn't answered the phone in two days.

"We can't represent him unless he comes forward and asks us," Uhrig says.

They also say they were unaware that Zimmerman planned to set up his own website asking for donations, and would have advised against it.

They were also made aware that Zimmerman, against their advice, independently contacted the special prosecutor charged with investigating the case in Florida. Special prosecutor Angela Corey's office refused to speak with him without proper legal counsel, however. 

Zimmerman also contacted Fox News host Sean Hannity without their knowledge. 

The lawyers think Zimmerman is experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder. 

So basically the guy who got into this mess by taking the law into his own hands has now decided to take his legal defense into his own hands. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder