George W. Bush: Jeb "Wants to Be President"

What do you think Jeb Bush is more irked at his big brother George W. for right now: spilling the beans on his barely concealed presidential aspirations or reminding people that they're brothers?

In a new interview with Fox News (of course) the second President Bush revealed that he's pretty sure Jebbers wants to be the third President Bush.

"Yes, I think he wants to be president," W. told Fox News' Brian Kilmeade. "I think he'd be a great president. He understands what it's like to be president -- for not only the person running or serving, plus family."

Though W. cautioned that Jeb is a "thoughtful man" who is still "weighting his option."

Debating whether Jeb will actually run for president has been a fun game for political watchers since at least 2008.

Several top GOP donors and politicians have signaled they'd support a Jeb run, but his own mother doesn't seem on board with the idea.

Bush has remained active in political circles since leaving the Florida governor's mansion, and has been busy touring the country during this midterm cycle raising and stumping for Republican candidates.

Reports suggest though that Bush has put off running for anything again on his own because he wanted to shore up his financial situation by making money in the private sector, and that he's no big fan of campaigning for himself.

So maybe the news that Bush "wants" to be President isn't big news. I kind of "want" to be president a little bit too. You probably "want" to be president too.

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