Okay I just finished reading the Miami Herald's latest report on the Florida Marlins stadium boondoggle and Miami-Dade County Manager George Burgess needs to call it quits. Seriously. There comes a point when a top executive just has to come clean and tell his shareholders - in this case Miami-Dade citizens - that he goofed and his numbers were wrong. 

George Burgess needs another vacay - a permanent one

Instead we get Burgess dancing around questions like he was David Alan Grier. In response to the 22 percent plunge in hotel taxes this past January, a very depressing number that bodes bad for the ballpark plans, Burgess tells the Herald that "you don't want to pull the plug on something if it makes sense in the long term, because things look bad in the short term."

That's like the guy with no job who goes out and leases himself a Bentley cuz, like 20 years, he thinks he's gonna hit the Florida lotto. 

And then Burgess tries to back away from the bold tax projections he presented to Miami and Miami-Dade County commissioners last month by telling the Herald that his memo titled "Financing Plan" had been mislabeled. Yeah, right, sure, Georgie. Whatever you say buddy. 

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