Gay Adoption: Wingnuts Respond

Trying to find an underlying ideological thread between anti-gay mouthpieces is futile. The only thing that unites them is hate. Take evangelical conservative Frank Turek's column on Town Hall today. It's a bunch of wack shit the crosses over into offensive, but basically he comes to the conclusion that "there should be no legal class of 'gay' or 'straight,' just a legal class called 'person.'" So taking his theory on its face, there shouldn't be any laws that explicitly discriminate against homosexuals, right? Like, oh a law that creates a "gay" legal class and forbids them from even petitioning for adoption.

A lot of Turek's readers will probably nod their empty heads along with the column and then do the same to the conservatie christian legal organization the Liberty Council's press release blasting yesterday's gay adoption court ruling (read it here). Liberty Council was founded and presided over by Matt Staver, who also is the principal author of Amendment 2.

We predicted

that if the gay adoption ban would be overturned by court order, the

first words out of the right's mouth would be "Activist judge!" We were

right. Oh, these wingnuts, so predictable. They go on to say "most

states ban homosexual adoption," which is simply not true. Florida is

the only state that explicitly bans homosexuals from adopting. Get your

facts right. These people's minds are not governed by any sort of

reason or rationale; it's quite simply and quite sadly an empty space

filled with empty hate.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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