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Gawker Admits Plagiarizing Miami New Times, Suspends Writer

Everything I have ever said about Gawker is false. Everything.

The gossip/news (or is it news/gossip?) website this morning admitted inadvertently stealing copy from Miami New Times. We didn't bring it to their attention.

The plagiarism related to a post last week by Miami New Times news blogger Kyle Munzenrieder, who had written about arrests in a group that had filmed underage porn. The Gawker article carried the byline of Jay Hathaway.

Gawker editor Max Read posted the following note about the article:

Editor's Note 6/24: On Sunday, the writer Kris Ex called our attention to several similarities between this post and an article by Kyle Munzenrieder in the Miami New Times, located here--specifically, several similar phrasings, one outright identical phrase, and a close structural similarity. The New Times article was not linked to or cited in any way.

The author of the Gawker post, Jay Hathaway, says he read the New Times article before writing his, and "parts of it probably got stuck in my head while I was posting. I didn't intend to duplicate any of their article, and I definitely meant to link the source prominently." I believe Jay, but both the inadvertent duplication and the lack of citation are serious errors. Since even the appearance of wrongdoing does damage to our credibility and integrity, I'm suspending Jay for a week. Both he and I offer our sincerest apologies to Munzenreider and the New Times.

While I hope he corrects the spelling of Kyle's surname in the last instance, I applaud Read for being a stand-up guy.

I wish Gawker all the best and promise to credit them whenever stealing from them in the future. (Just kidding, Max, and sorry for the sarcasm.)

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