FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher Calls BCS "Retarded"

Somewhere in Tallahassee, someone in the FSU athletics department is drafting up the open letter Jimbo Fisher is going to send out apologizing for using the word "retarded."

You see, Fisher is pretty frustrated with the BCS rankings, and decided to drop the R word to describe the system.

"I mean it's retarded," Fisher said regarding to the system according to the Miami Herald. "I was watching them [discuss] the BCS last night [on TV] and someone was saying they'd rather see us playing in the national championship game than someone who was undefeated."

See, the Seminoles are stuck at number 10 in the BCS rankings. Despite only having one loss, the team is sitting behind three two-loss teams. Meanwhile, the team is ranked 6th in both the human ranked Harris Interactive and Coach's polls used to compile the BCS. The computer ranking system, one third of the BCS's weighting, currently has them at an average of 17th thanks to the team's relatively weak strength of schedule.

His choice of words however, could prove to be controversial.

Has Fisher learned nothing from the life of Lindsay Lohan? She got criticized for constantly dropping the phrase "that's retarded" in interviews. Jennifer Aniston, Margaret Cho, and most recently Ann Coulter have been criticized for using the word in recent years. The Black Eyed Peas even had to change a song title (from "Let's Get Retarded" to "Let's Get It Started") once they realized the word wasn't quite PC.

Anyway, there are any number of perfect good words to described the BCS. Most of which we'd also apply to Fisher, but, hey, we're 'Canes fans.

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