Free Prize Inside Every Herald

For reasons unbeknown to us, our office copy of The Miami Herald came with two packs of NBA All Stars trading cards today! Apparently it was part of a promotion for Panini, and not an effort to lure potentially lucrative 12 year-old boy subscribers (that's our demo, OK, they keep the sexy ads under their bed). 

We don't know about you, but if every edition of The Herald came with a free prize each day, we might actually subscribe. Everything used to come with free prizes inside: Cracker Jacks, breakfast cereals, candies. Nowadays when we open Cracker Jacks all we get are crappy pieces of paper that we're supposed to fold into something that is allegedly fun. Whatever, Cracker Jacks. 

In any event, it was better than the last free prize we got in The Herald: an Islamaphobic DVD

P.S. We got two LeBron James (is it another sign?), if anyone wants to trade. 

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