Freaknik is Coming to Miami: Is it Urban Beach Week Redux?

Can't quite get enough of the controversy surrounding Urban Beach Week? Well, rest assured a planned event dubbed Freaknik Miami is about to stir the coals two months earlier next year. Named after the infamous Atlanta spring break parties aimed at African-American college kids that got shut down by politicians (and frequently cited as a spiritual predecessor to Urban Beach Week itself), the event plans to bus down loads of drunk college kids and drop them off in the middle of Miami Beach between March 8th and 11th of next year.

A website, Twitter account, and Facebook page have been set up promoting the event, and the pages promise "we are bringing you a Freaknik experiences bigger, badder, and sexier, then you have ever known before. Only this time, we are taking Freaknik to a place that it has never been, a place that can only house a Freaknik of this magnitude... MIAMI, FLORIDA. Prepare for the ride of your lives as we bring you Freaknik Miami."

The $350.00 package for Freaknik includes the following: On Thursday March 8, 2012 at 12:00 am chartered buses equipped with tv's and card tables will leave from Atlanta stocked with premium alcohol that you can enjoy on the ride to Miami with unlimited drinks (booze cruise) . When u arrive to Miami you will check in your designated rooms among the four hotels associated with Freaknik Miami where u will find a complimentary bottle for your Freaknik Miami experience. You will leave Miami sunday at 12pm to return to Atlanta with more complimentary drinks on the chartered bus as u return.
The company says its working with celebs, musicians, and athletes as well as local hotels and clubs, though none of them have been mentioned. Aside from dates and prices, few details have been announced. The event seems to be the brainchild of a consortium of Atlanta promoters. We wouldn't be surprised if this thing actually didn't happen.

Even if it does, we hardly doubt it'll reach the intensity of UBW in its first year, despite the site's boastful claims and loaded use of the name "Freaknik."

Don't expect that to stop the over reactionary "activist" types (who are totally not racist at all, don't worry, they promise) to start complaining already. Also keep in mind that'll be spring break weekend, and the beach will likely attract its share of drunk college kids regardless. 

Though, at least the event seems to have some sort of central planning and organization (unlike UBW), that perhaps city leaders should reach out to in advance to make sure the event remains controlled. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder