Four FAMU Students Dismissed After Drum Major Hazing Death

Florida A&M University has announced they've dismissed four students in the wake of the death of marching band member Robert Champion. The news comes on the same day that the Associated Press obtained a call made to 911 shortly before Champion's death in which the caller says the band member had vomit in his mouth shortly before his death.

Champion died last weekend shortly after the band performed at a football game. The autopsy has still not been completed, but its believed that his death was related to hazing activity. Hazing had apparently ran rampant in the legendary marching band.

Though, in a letter to the FAMU Board of Trustees announcing the dismissal of the student University President James Ammons did not identify the students or clarify their possible roles in Champion's death. Anyone found to be involved in hazing that lead to Champion's death could also face third-degree felony charges.

The band has been put on suspension and director Julius White has been fired by the school.

Meanwhile, the AP has obtained the 911 call that alerted authorities to Champion's death.

An unknown caller tells the dispatcher that Champion had vomited and was no longer responding.

"We need an ambulance ASAP," the caller said. "His eyes are open but he's not responding."

The phone was handed to a second caller, and the dispatcher told the person to clear any vomit from Champion's nose and mouth and to turn him on his back. The call was disconnected shortly after, but someone can be heard asking for a defibrillator.

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