Former WPLG and WSVN Reporter Protests Stations For Sucking So Much

Seems that former WSVN and WPLG reporter Olga Bichachi is sick and tired of the fluff her former employers pass off as news, reports SFLTV. She recently joined a group of protestors outside Local 10, and found time to give an interview that was posted on YouTube. 

"We want the media to do its job. To start doing what they're supposed to be doing, which is investigating, reporting, asking the right questions. You turn on the media right now and what you hear  is stories about who shot who, houses of filth. Trivial stuff. Fluff," Bichachi says. "We're not able to know what's going on in municipalities, in the county, what commissioners are up to, what mayors are up to. All we hear is insignificant stories." 

Then she goes off on how the media is so liberal, which ...well if they're only covering fluff how exactly do they insert political bias into that? "A house fire errupted in Pembroke Pines today in which two puppies were killed. Is it Sarah Palin's fault? More at 11." 

Otherwise Olga seemed straigt on, until we found out the context of her protests. She was there with a group holding signs like, "Media won't ask, so we will! Where's the birth certificate?" and "ABC won't report. will." Free Republic, if you're not familiar, is a wingnut message board that once called Malia Obama "a typical street whore." 

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Kyle Munzenrieder