Former MTV Reality Star Baron "Dirty'' Colon Arrested for Brutal '06 Murder

MTV may have featured some unsavory folks in their reality shows in the past year (various Teen Moms, the entire cast of Jersey Shore, Heidi Montag) but the second season of From G's to Gents, which promised to turn street thugs into refined gentleman, may have featured an actual murderer. Baron "Dirty" Colon, 24 of Miami Gardens, has been arrested and charged in the 2006 murder that took place three years before he wound up on the Jamie Foxx-produced show.

Dirty appeared on the show with people named "A-Felon," "A.D. Killa" and "Riff Raff," and made it to fourth place. Though, he was almost kicked off in the first episode for getting too drunk to participate. His MTV bio claims that his mother threw him the trash when he was born and later died of a drug overdose, that he spent his youth in and out of foster homes and juvenile detentions centers, and that he is the father of two children.

The Miami Herald reports that Colon has now been arrested for brutally killing Vero, a 44-year-old artist who lived in Kendall back in 2006. Stephany Concepcion, a friend of Colon's, worked for Vero and knew he kept large amounts of cash in the house. Upset with her employer for one reason or another, she collaborated with Colon and two others to rob the man.

Police believe that the robbery got out of control, and that Colon shot the man as he begged for his life before sleeping in the bushes for the night to evade police.

Concepcion was arrested at the time of the murder and agreed to a plea deal to testify against Colon and the others, but police didn't have enough evidence to arrest him.

So Colon remained a free man even as he flew to Los Angeles to appear on the MTV show. Though after he returned, and told by the show's host to apply his "gentleman" learning to his real life, he was caught up in a cocaine bust and police obtained a tape of Colon discussing the murder.

Colon now sits in jail with no bond and is awaiting arraignment letter this month.

Here's host Fonzworth Bentley discussing his dismissal of Colon from the show:

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Kyle Munzenrieder