Former 'Canes Star Antrel Rolle: "Show Me the Money," Dolphins: "No"

Rumor has it the Jaguars think their attendance problems will be solved if they draft local boy Tim Tebow. Maybe it's not exactly a bad strategy to get a locally-raised player who was a star at a nearby college.

Despite the fact that South Florida is a major talent pipeline, and the Hurricanes have produced more than its share of major talent, with the exception of Vernon Carey, it's not a strategy the Dolphins have utilized much.

That's why we were so excited by the idea of the Fins signing Antrel Rolle, the former Cardinals stand-out safety who was born in Homestead and suited up in Orange and Green at the University of Miami. Unfortunately the Fins couldn't put their money where their mouth was.

After negotiations with the Dolphins, Rolle decided to sign with the New York Giants. He'll become the highest paid safety in NFL history, with a a five-year, $37 million deal, with $15 million guaranteed no matter what.

"They contacted my agent, Drew Rosenhaus, and they expressed interest. But, I think, the budget that they were willing to spend on a safety was a little bit lower than what I was looking for. Miami would have been nice just for the fact that it's home. But I don't think anyone would sell themselves short just to stay in their hometown, especially when you have someone like the Giants making such a great offer and giving me such a great opportunity," Rolle explained to The Sun-Sentinel this morning.

Rolle, who will join another former 'Cane, Kenny Phillips in New York, says that the Giants actually remind him of the UM team he played for.

We're not exactly sure if spending that kind of money for a safety would've been in the best interest of the Dolphins, but it sure would've been nice to have another hometown player on the roster.

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Kyle Munzenrieder