Forbes: Miami is Good in the Frivilous Stuff

Forbes updated its yearly list of the best cities for sad, lonely people who can't find anyone to marry. Of 40 urban meccas, Miami came in thirteenth overall, and ranked higher in some individual categories.

I'm not sure what "coolness" even means anymore, or why a magazine run by Steve Forbes has any business pretending to be authoritative about it, but we came in 10th over all for that. We also scored 4th in Nightlife (ranking behind LA and NYC I can see, it's a matter of taste, but Chicago has better nightlife than us? Really Forbes, Really?), and 8th in culture. We ranked lower in the percentage of singles, online dating, and cost of living alone categories. All in all, we got good marks on the frivolous stuff, and low marks in the more practical areas. Sounds about right.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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