Floridians Drink 27.8 Gallons of Beer on Average Each Year (Which Actually Isn't a Lot)

If you're an average Floridian, you would have consumed exactly 27.8 gallons of beer in the 2011. That sort of sounds like a lot, but it turns out that compared to other states, Florida only ranks 33rd when it comes to per capita beer consumption according to a new report from the Beer Institute

Overall, when it comes to shipments of "Malt Beverages," Florida comes in third, but that's only because we're the fourth-most populous state. When it comes to per capita consumption, we're only ranked 33rd out of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia. 

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Florida's beer consumption has been slipping in recent years. In 2004 we drank 33.3 gallons of beer on average, and ranked 18th overall. We've been drinking less beer ever since. 

In 2009 we drank 30 gallons, and in 2010 we drank 28.1 Since the Beer Institute started keeping data in 2003, we're at an all time low. 

Of course, maybe it makes sense since we're not a beer drinking powerhouse. Down here in Miami, obviously, we only drink rum and bottle service Grey Goose. Florida retirees naturally prefer drinks like peach schnapps and fuzzy navels. Way up there in the panhandle they prefer moonshine. Then of course there's that delightful segment of Florida trash whose drink of choice is an Oxycodone smoothie. Who has time for beer with all of that? 

Nationally, New Hampshire comes in first with 43 gallons of brew per person. Utah is 51st with 19.2 gallons. 

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