Florida's Worst Dad? Man Asks for Jail "Vacation" After Leaving Thirsty Kids in Hot Car

David Andrew Shawfield left his three young children in a hot car. After being arrested for child neglect, Shawfield not only yelled at the children, but also asked one of his friends not to bail him out because he "could use a vacation" behind bars. Yeah, and you thought your dad was a dick sometimes.

Shawfield, 49, left his three young kids in a hot car in a Publix parking lot in Pompano Beach. According to NBC Miami, a witness saw two little girls and a boy in the car without seat belts or air conditioned, though the doors were left open.

When police came Shawfield told the officer that he had only left the kids for 10 minutes and just ran into the store to get them something to drink. He also added that the oldest child, only 5 years old, was watching the others.

He also told the officer he was on sleeping pills and psych meds, which may or may not explain Shawfield's bloodshot eyes, shaky balance, and flush-red face.

When it became clear Shawfield was going to end up in the back of the cop car, he stumbled over to his kids and yelled, "See? I'm going to jail because you wanted something to drink. I'm never going to get out. I hope you're happy."

When a family friend came to collect the children, Shawfield yelled, "Don't bond me out! I never want to get out," adding "Oh, well. I could use a vacation."

He was charged with three counts of child neglect and three counts of leaving a child unattended in a vehicle. We hope he gets five-star service in the Broward County Resort, Spa and Jail.

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