Florida's Swamp Snakes Are Now Reality TV Superstars


The Real Swamp Snakes of Everglades City


America's Next Top Invasive Species

be coming to your television set anytime soon? Possibly. Over the next two months, not one, but two cable channels are set to roll out reality television shows based on snakes living in the swamps of Florida and the people who catch them, with Discovery trying to charm us with

Swamp Brothers


Swamp War

slithering its way into Animal Planet's schedule.


coincidentally follows a division of the Miami-Dade Fire Department.

Swamp Brothers is set to debut March 13 on Discovery, and follows an Odd Couple-like set of brothers as they try and capture snakes. The action takes place in central Florida in Sumter County, and Robbie Keszey is an experience and hardened capturer of snakes and other Florida wildlife, while his brother Stephen, a former New York City bartender, tries to join his brother's business but freaks out whenever he's close to snakes. This is what passes for American TV in 2011, we guess.

Check out the trailer, complete with Lady Gaga music, below:

Swamp War takes place closer to home, and follows the Venom One rescue unit, which is actually a division of the Miami-Dade fire department. No trailer has hit YouTube yet, but here's the summary from Animal Planet:

When people think of Miami, they think of the ultimate vacation -- lying on the beach, sport fishing and enjoying the great outdoors. While Miami offers all of these things, South Florida is a giant swamp filled with snakes. Snakes are everywhere. One hundred percent of yards in Miami have snakes; you just can't always see them, not to mention, dangerous alligators, vicious Tegu lizards and Africanized bees. When it comes to the planet's most venomous creatures, there is only one team who has the knowledge and fearlessness to battle them -- Venom One. Venom One team is an elite group of specially trained fire fighter/paramedics within Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. It's the only emergency response team of its kind, and it currently holds the largest anti-venom bank in the world. In this docu-drama series, viewers witness the intensity and urgency of the job as this courageous team takes down killer snakes, rushes against the clock to deliver anti-venoms and ultimately saves lives.

Swamp War premiers on Animal Planet sometime in June.

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