Florida Woman Pulls Gun on Roommate Who Hid Her Vodka

The great thing about vodka is that it mixes well with anything. Well, almost anything. We checked with our foodie obsessed sister blog Short Order and they informed us that cocktails involving vodka and firearms really don't tend to go down easy.

Case in point: this Florida Keys woman who pulled a handgun on her roommate after her bottle of vodka went missing.

According to a news release from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, 51-year-old Kari Dangler found herself behind bars on Wednesday. Dangler's male roommate tried to hide her vodka from her but Dangler was having none of it. She pulled a stainless steel revolver and pointed at him demanding that the vodka be returned. The roommate called police.

Dangler told police that the gun had belong to her other roommate, and that she had merely retrieved it to clean it. (God, we hate roommates who leave their dirty guns out for days hoping their roommates will clean it.) Police weren't buying it.

The officers also found that one of the rounds in the gun had been discharged. They had previously received a call back on June 4 that a gun had went off in the area, but could not find the source.

Dangler ended up charged with aggravated assault.

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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