Florida Woman Hides Bottle of Urine in Her Lady Parts to Pass Drug Test, Fails Miserably

Mishelle Salzgeber, a 20-year-old resident of Dade City, was booked into a New Port Richey jail after failing a drug test and violating her probation. During an x-ray scan, jail personnel detected a bottle hidden inside Salzgeber's vagina and uncovered her plan to cheat on a drug test.

According to WTSP, Salzgeber's plan to cheat entailed filling a small vodka bottle with someone else's urine and, well, sticking it inside herself.

Shoving a bottle of someone else's urine into your neener could be considered worth it only if that urine were actually clean. It turns out the urine in the bottle came from someone who wasn't so drug-free and still tested positive.

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Unfortunately for Salzgeber, not only was she booked for testing positive for drugs, but also she now faces consequences for trying to cheat on the drug test. That, and the fact that now everyone knows she had a bottle of someone else's urine all up inside her.

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