Florida Woman Has Sex in Intersection, Refuses to Put Clothes On: "Everyone Has Already Seen Me Naked"

This WTF Florida story is so, uh, very special, we couldn't even fit the part we're she pees on someone's driveway into the headline.

You see, up in Niceville, Florida earlier this week, a 32-year-old woman had her boyfriend stop their 1998 Mitsubishi SUV in the middle of an intersection. The two proceeded to make some whoopee in the car.

The pair might have gotten away with it, but then they decided to both walk out of the car completely nude, according to NWFDailyNews.com. That's when a woman who lived near the intersection decided to call police.

Officers arrived on the scene and asked the couple to put on their clothes, but the woman refused.

"Everyone has already seen me naked, I don't have to get dressed now,"

she told the officer while standing completely naked in the middle of the intersection.

She finally got dressed and left the scene, but decided to come back for one more bit of insanity. She popped a squat and urinated on the driveway of the woman who originally called police. She then started yelling at the woman for ratting her out. The urination was caught on surveillance video.

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