Florida Woman Grabs Ankles and Gropes Herself in Front of School Bus

Just because Miley Cyrus did it at the VMAs doesn't mean you should do it in front of a school bus full of young children.

Valarie Dixon was arrested on Tuesday when she decided to put on a display of vulgar dancing in front of a school bus up in Lake County.

According to My News 13, Dixon "bent over at the waist, holding her ankle with one hand." So what did she do with her other hand? Well, she was "grasping her genital area."

During her nasty dance, Dixon also yelled profanities. Meanwhile, the school bus full of children looked on. According to the arrest report one of the children yelled, "Oh my God," while another screamed, "Don't look."

When police approached Dixon she became uncooperative and yelled more profanities at the officers.

Dixon was booked on disorderly conduct. This is her first arrest, but she does have several complaints filed against her by local businesses. She's banned from a local Hess station for standing on a bench and trying to take off her clothes.

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