Florida Woman Gives Birth On Her Sixth Birthday: OK, It Was Leap Day

It's always nice when we can work a positive story into our WTF Florida category, and yes this story of a woman giving birth on her sixth birthday counts. Don't worry though, she's actually 24. Her birthday is February 29th, AKA Leap Day. Which means both mother and daughter share the special birth date. Statisticians say that the chances of that happening is about 2.1 million-to-one.

Shaneka Hinton and her new daughter Christina Raynette Clemente are both "Leaplings," according to the Orlando Sentinel.

"I always wanted my baby to be born on my birthday," Hinton told the paper.

This of course means that Hinton won't be able to appear on MTV's Teen Mom until she's 52, or "13." Her daughter by that time would be 28, or "7" by that time.

If we read our laws a bit too literally, mother and daughter wouldn't be able to share their first legal drink together until Christina is 84 and Hinton is 108.

Though, Shaneka actually celebrates her birthday on February 28th most years. This also isn't the first holiday she's spent giving birth. Her 18-month-old son was born on the Fourth of July.

Shaneka and Christina aren't the only mother-daughter Leaplings in America. Last leap day, "7-year-old" Michelle Birnbaum gave birth to her daughter Rose in New Jersey. Rose just celebrated her first real birthday on the day she was actually born.

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