Florida Woman Claims Goldfish Cracker Is a Sign From God

A full 2,013 years after he apparently sent us his only son, God has decided to send his pet goldfish to Central Florida.

Patti Burke, a Brevard County resident, believes that an odd imprint she found on a Goldfish cracker is actually a sign from the almighty himself.

According to Florida Today, Burke eats about two to three pounds of Goldfish each week, and picks through them one-by-one. This past Wednesday she made an odd discovery: one of the fish shaped crackers was imprinted with a cross-like symbol on its body and a circle nears its head.

"He had a cross on him, and he had a crown circle up by his head," Burke told the paper. "Something I've never seen before out of all the Goldfish I've eaten."

Originally, Burke thought she might have won some sort of contest, so she called up Pepperidge Farm. The cracker company informed her that wasn't the case.

Then on Sunday during Easter service, Burke's pastor talked about fish as a symbol for Christianity. Burke then decided the cracker must be a sign from God. Pastor D. Scott Worth agrees.

"I think it's a sign. I think it points to, I would hesitate to call it a miracle, but I think it points to the miracle, which is Jesus Christ defeated death," Worth told the paper. "And that's what Easter is all about."

Yes, let this cheese flavored snack cracker remind you what Easter is really all about. Makes more sense than chocolate bunnies actually.

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Kyle Munzenrieder