Florida Woman Caught Trying to Vaginally Smuggle Crack Pipes Into Jail

If police have an X-ray machine, there's really no place you can attempt to hide contraband. No, not even there.

Cynthia M. Scholes of Gainesville was caught trying to smuggle not one, but two crack pipes into jail by hiding them in her vagina.

According to The Gainesville Sun, Scholes was a passenger in a car that was stopped by police last in Gainesville. The driver gave the officers permission to search the car and they found a cigar wrapper filled with three grams of marijuana in her seat. A crack pipe was then found in her purse.

While being booked officers asked her three separate times if she was hiding anything else on her body. Scholes said she wasn't, but a run through the X-ray machine revealed she might have something hidden in her hoohaw.

A female deputy then found that indeed their were two different crack pipes on her person. One had about 0.01 grams of crack cocaine still in it.

The sad thing is, if Scholes would have just given up all three of crack pipes in the first place she might have gotten off with just some misdemeanors. Instead she is also now charged with a felony of trying to smuggle contraband into a jail.

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