Florida Woman Calls 911 in Tears to Report "Crappy Service" at a Burger King

It's been awhile since we've heard a bizarre tale of some crazy Floridian at a fast-food restaurant. We were beginning to get worried. So thank you, random Niceville, Florida, woman.

According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, the unidentified woman called 911 on September 22. The woman was in tears and was described as "extremely upset." So what was her emergency? She got "crappy service" at the Burger King.

Or, as most people call "crappy service" at Burger King, regular service at Burger King.

A local police department employee spoke to the manager of the Burger King in question. The manager told authorities that she corrected the woman's order and gave her a refund, but really had no idea why the customer became hysterical. She said the woman wouldn't explain it to her.

Authorities then told the woman not to call 911 for nonemergencies.


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