Florida Turnpike Declares "War on Christmas" in Retaliation to Christian Groups' "War on Halloween"

It's that time of year again. Yep, that time when conservatives and cranky Christian organizations start moaning about "the war on Christmas," claiming that businesses and organizations' decision to either ban holiday decorations all together or favor generic winter decorations somehow suppresses Christianity. The Florida Department of Transportation is the latest group to join "the war," but ironically the decision stems from complaints made by Christian groups.

Toll booth workers have been told that they're no longer allowed to put up decorations in their booths. One worker in Leesburg, Florida, told WTSP she put up a garland in her booth on Friday, but that it was removed by the end of the weekend.

"You want to feel the joy and I feel like somebody's trying to keep me down. I am a Christian and I'm not afraid to say it," the worker told the station.

Oh, Florida Tunrpike why do you hate Christians so much?

What's that? The decision to ban holiday decorations was made months ago and actually stems from complaints from Christian groups?

"Some Christian organizations complained about Halloween decorations," spokeswoman Christa Deason tells the Orlando Sentinel.

Somewhere the baby Jesus weeps from the stupidity of it all.

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Kyle Munzenrieder