Florida Teen Girl Pulled Over for DUI in Just Bra and Panties

Intoxicated teen girls running wild in Florida in next to nothing isn't just the plot to Spring Breakers. Kristen Forester, 18, was pulled over in Fort Pierce last month, and the officer found that the only thing she was wearing beside a seatbelt was a bra and panties.

According to Off the Beat, the arrest went down October 21 after an officer spotted Forester driving her 2001 Honda recklessly.

The officer asked Forester why she wasn't wearing more clothes, and she replied that she just decided to drive home from work like that. It's not clear exactly where Forester works. The teen also smelled of alcohol, and she confessed to having a shot but denied drinking more or taking any controlled substances. She also had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

Forester agreed to take a sobriety test, and luckily found an article of clothing to put on: an old Miami Heat Shaq jersey, which, as shown in the video below, she wore backward. At the very least, you can't accuse her of being a LeBron bandwagoner.

She failed the test and was arrested on DUI charges. Her later breathalyzer tests came back with a BAC of 0.157 and 0.144, well over the 0.08 limit.

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Kyle Munzenrieder