Florida Teacher Taught Third Grade Class While High on Marijuana and Opiates

There are only a few jobs we recommend doing while high on marijuana: Reggae singer, surrealist artist, and Lil Wayne's personal assistant are among them. Third-grade teacher is not.

Elizabeth Edmonds, a third-grade teacher in Leesburg, Florida, was recently suspended after she went to school high as a kite and later tested positive for marijuana and opiates.

Edmonds had a clean record previous to the incident, but on September 12, she showed up to work at Treadway Elementary so stoned that even the principal noticed. Other teachers also observed her supposedly erratic behavior.

According to Click Orlando, the principal removed Edmonds from the classroom and had her drug-tested immediately. The results came back positive for pot and opiates (which could be anything from Vicodin to heroin). Nothing was searched, so officials are not sure if she actually had any drugs on her at the time.

"It's extremely rare, and it's something that's very alarming definitely," Chris Patton, a spokesman for the school district, told Click Orlando.

Teachers in the district are required to take drug tests when they're hired but are not routinely tested. In most cases, it doesn't appear to be necessary.

Edmonds was immediately suspended and will likely be fired. She does not face any criminal charges.

We just wonder what was on the class agenda that day. Like, really intense finger-painting? Or maybe just chilling out and watching Dr. Seuss cartoons all day?

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