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Florida Still Likely To Have Problems at the Polls

It has been 8 years since Florida's shitty little elections system robbed us of ever knowing 100% who truly deserved to be President of the United States.You'd think we'd have straightened this out by now.

Not so.Common Cause, a nonpartisan voters watchdog group, released its annual report on voting preparedness in swing states yesterday and identified Florida as one of the three most problematic.

Amongst the biggest red flags to the group is Fthe state's voter verification procedure.

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Uniquely, Florida will continue to require that prospective voters prove eligibility by providing the exact information that appears on existing state databases. This policy often results in rejections of valid registered voters if the voter provides a variant of his or her name instead of a full name, a clerical error is made on the election administration side, or a voter makes another minor mistake.

They also cite the state's new voter ID requirements, a move that could disenfranchise minorities, young people, the elderly and the poor.

The group cited the training of poll workers and efforts to educate potential voters on how to register as "exemplary." So it's not a total trashing.

A full breakdown of the report on Florida can be found here.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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