Florida State Rep. Luis Garcia Rumored to Challenge David Rivera in 2012

Considering Rep. David Rivera is under numerous investigations for scandals that, in the grand scheme of things, are far more serious than sending pictures of your junk to ladies on Twitter, it was a given that the Democrats would run a serious campaign against him in 2012. Now it appears the Dems have got their man: former Miami Beach Fire Chief and current state Representative Luis Garcia.

"He's intending to run and will get in over the summer. I know he's met with the DCCC guys and they like him. I think he's the best candidate to run in that district," a Florida Democrat involved in the recruitment process tells Politico. "The only unknown factor is what the district will look like."

The source is referring to possible redistricting plans that could see Rivera's District 25 redrawn to include less Republican voters in order to create a new district in southwest Florida.

Though, it's unlikely that the district would be redrawn to include portions of Miami Beach, and Garcia is a Miami Beach guy through and through. He was the city's first Cuban-American fire chief. He then served for seven years on the city council, before being elected to the state house from a Miami Beach seat. (For whatever reason, Politico refers to Garcia's service as being in the city of Miami.)

Garcia would likely have to move and resign his current seat in order to run.

It's believed that Garcia's announcement would come sometime after June.

This also seems to be a signal that another Garcia, Joe Garcia, may not run for the seat. That Garcia unsuccessfully ran for the seat as a Democrat in both 2008 and 2010.

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