Florida Ruins Everything, Including My Favorite Magazine

In 2003 I picked up the very first issue of Radar on an Eckerd drugstore shelf. Things have changed since then. Eckerd in Florida is now CVS, and as of this Friday, Radar (after three different incarnations) exists only as a crappy celeb gossip site owned by Boca Raton-based American Media Incorporated -- the same outfit that publishes the National Enquirer and Star.

The website used to be a snarky, well-written must-read, but today it's an also-ran celeb gossip blog, and, well, let's just say it makes me appreciate Nude Celebrity Death SUV all that much more -- because I have always appreciated it! Yay! Those "Hilarious Cable Info-Bar Descriptions of the Day" sure are "of the day" ... oh, and hilarious!

Anyway, Radar's latest incarnation is just more proof that anything touched by the rest of Florida, especially the Boca Braintrust they must have at AMI, is totally tainted.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Kyle Munzenrieder