Florida Romney Volunteer Calling Up Seniors to Inform Them Obama is a Socialist Muslim

A Florida Republican volunteer has been caught on tape calling up senior citizen voters on behalf of Mitt Romney and telling them that President Barack Obama is a secret muslim who wants to take away their Medicare. The woman was making the call on behalf of the Clay County GOP, but the local party says that the volunteer went completely off script. 

According to StAugustine.com, the call was picked up on an answering machine. Somehow the woman forgot to properly hang up after getting an answering machine, and her next call was recorded. 

"I don't know if you've done any research on Obama or not, but he is a Muslim," the woman says. "If he had his way, we'd be a socialistic country."

"Ya'll sound like ya'll are seniors citizens, right? You really don't want Obama because he will get rid of your Medicare ... say goodbye to it."

Because if there's one thing socialists do its getting rid of "socialistic" programs like Medicare. 

The woman also informed the voters to "pay attention to Fox News." 

Which is odd, because we're pretty sure not even Fox News is claiming that Obama is a Muslim  who wants to completely eliminate Medicare. 

Leslie Dougher, the head of the Clay GOP, says the volunteer wasn't following proper protocol. 

"It was off-script completely. We have everything scripted," Dougher told StAugustine.com. "Those are clearly not the views of the Republican Party of Clay County or the Mitt Romney campaign."

Dougher says that the woman was talked to about the call, but she wasn't sure or not whether the volunteer was still making calls on behalf of the Romney campaign. 

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