Florida Road Sign Advises Drivers to 'Smoke Weed Erryday'

Sure, the Florida legislature may have taken a step back on pot laws in the Sunshine State by tightening rules for selling bongs and voting down a medical marijuana initiative. But in Orlando, at least, a road sign yesterday advised drivers to behave more like residents in progressive locales like Colorado and Washington.

Specifically, drivers were asked to "Smoke Weed Erryday."

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The sign was near a busy intersection in Winter Park and drew motorists to stop and take photos all day on Sunday, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Police say someone hacked the sign, though no arrests have been made. One man ogling the immaculately worded message told a Sentinel reporter that his brother had pulled the job, though.

He declined to give his name, but said this of the joke: "Dude, that's bad grammar."

Can't argue with that. But Orlando should be grateful that its road sign hackers are focused on reforming backwards drug policies instead of spewing possibly racist messages.

Last time Miami's road signs were reprogrammed, someone made signs on the Palmetto read "No Latinos, No Tacos." Many took the signs as an anti-Latino insult, though a deeper reading -- that it was a poorly delivered pro-immigration message -- also circulated.

Either way, kudos to Orlando's bandit for the clarity of his message.

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