Florida Puppeteer Arrested for Plans to Kidnap, Rape, Cook, and Eat Children

Robert Brown was about as successful a puppeteer as a puppeteer can be in Tampa Bay. He regularly performed in high schools, at kids' parties, and even for the Tampa Bay Rays.

In his free time, though, he liked to log on to the Internet and discuss his fantasies about kidnapping, raping, cooking, and then eating young children. He was arrested last week after Department of Homeland Security investigators uncovered his online chats.

Basically, the dude is a sick mofo, and he left a long online footpath of his twisted desires.

Authorities discovered an online profile where he listed his interests as child pornography and necrophilia. Chats with another man who was also arrested detailed Brown's fantasies. The two men discussed plans to kidnap a child.

WTSP has excerpted some of the less grotesque portions of the chats:

"Summer is heating up, should be good pickins."

"It's so hot, the kids are almost naked out there."

"My mouth watered looking at her for sure."

Keep in mind, those are some of the least stomach-churning tidbits. Other parts of the chat involved his desire to strangle children, chop them up, and then cook the remains in order to eat them.

Brown told investigators that his chats were all in the realm of fantasy, but they believe he had gone as far as to have picked out a young boy who attended a church near his mobile-home park in Largo to target.

Investigators also found child porn on his computer that involved young boys in bondage positions. Some of the children looked to have been deceased.

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