Florida Pregnant Woman Attacked Roommate Over Butter

Despite its association with Paula Deen, butter is not supposed to cause drama. It's creamy, fatty goodness is supposed to spread love and joy, connecting us like two halves of a dinner roll. So when we hear the cause of two roommates' violent argument, we can't believe that it is butter.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Jennifer Feagley, who is 24 years-old and six months pregnant, got peeved that her roommate put butter on the stove. The Volusia County confronted the roommate, 59 year-old Patricia Marson, over the matter, and flew into a violent rage.

Feagley punched her older roommate several times and then hit her with a cane several times. Feagley knocked the woman over, and then began punching her in the chest. At one point, she began to choke Marson.

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Of course deputies got involved. Feagley tried to excuse her actions by blaming them on hormone problems associated with her pregnancy. She also said that she had been diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder, but wasn't taking her medication due to her pregnancy.

That didn't keep her out of jail. Feagley was charged with aggravated battery.

Marson meanwhile refused medical treatment.

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