Florida Mom Checks Out Gossip Girl Books for Three Years to Keep Them Away from Tweens

Spotted: Crazy Mom at a Seminole County library trying to stage an illfaited one-woman protest against the popular teen novel series Gossip Girl

Apparently Crazy Mom isn't too appreciative of the racy exploits of S and B and N and C and even Lonely Boy, as they snort, drink, back-stab and sleep --sometimes with each other-- their way through the glitzy world of New York's privileged Upper East Side. 

Crazy Mom (aka Tina Harden) thought the book series was a little too adult to be placed in the Young Adult section of the local public library. Guess her poor kids will never know the thrill of a good video taped threesome that leads to an overdose? Poor things. 

So she checked out three books in 2008, and has refused to return them, racking up $85 (or the price of brunch at my favorite restaurant) in fees. Sadly, Crazy Mom's efforts were marred by the fact that the library has more than one copy of each book. Like S and her men, one is never enough. 

The library did decide to put the books in the adult fiction section, but refuses to deny access to teens. Crazy Mom finally returned the books on Thursday, but like C skipping out on a bar tab she has no intention to pay the fee.

Until next time, you know you love me. 


Gossip Girl

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