Florida Man Tells Deputy He Can't Complete Sobriety Test Because He "Can't Dance Like Britney Spears"

We've never had to take a field sobriety test so we're not sure what exactly it is they ask you to do, but we don't think that doing the complete choreography to "...Baby One More Time" is on the list.

Well, a Florida man recently pulled over for a DUI told deputies he was unable to complete his field sobriety test because "he can't dance like Britney Spears."

Well, don't worry dude. Not even Britney Spears can dance like Britney Spears anymore.

Jeff MacDonald, 43, was pulled over in his blue Nissan on December 29 in Indian River County. According to Off the Beat, he smelled of booze and was slurring his speech. He did cop to having had a few Coors Lights earlier in the evening.

The deputy asked MacDonald to perform a "walk and turn" exercise by putting one foot in front of the other and walking in a straight line, but MacDonald had trouble. He walked in the wrong direction and kept using his arms for balance.

"I can't do that," MacDonald told the officer. "I can't dance like (Britney) Spears."

Really, because wobbling around aimlessly does seems like some Britney dancing we've seen.

Two breath tests eventually revealed that MacDonald's blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. He was arrested on DUI charges.

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