Florida Man Shoots Himself While Playing Stoned Game of Russian Roulette

When Donnie McLendon's friends brought him to the hospital, they originally told authorities that a criminal had busted in with a gun and shot McLendon in the head. Turns out the trio has just gotten drunk and high and decided to play a game of Russian roulette, a game that tends not to end well.

According to First Coast News, police responded to a house in St. Petersburg on Saturday after receiving reports of a gunshot. No one was home, but police did notice a trail of blood leading out of the home and some drug paraphernalia inside of it.

The inhabitants of the home had already left. Daniel McKee, 22, and Thomas Rady, 29, had taken McLendon to a nearby hospital.

Originally, they told police a story about a robber who came into the home and fired a bullet that struck McLendon. Rady explained that he bumped into the robber who then dropped his gun and ran off.

After some more questions, the two however admitted they had gotten drunk and high on marijuana and decided to play Russian roulette. McKee provided the .44-caliber handgun and the single bullet. Rady took the first turn and got lucky. McLendon unfortunately ended up losing the game.

McLendon remains in the hospital in critical condition.

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