Florida Man Christopher Gunn Posed as Justin Bieber Online to Prey on Young Girls

Christopher P. Gunn has been indicted by federal prosecutors in North Florida for posing as pop star Justin Bieber online and pressuring under-aged girls into sending him graphic videos and pictures. If convicted, he could face up to 50 years in prison.

According to a release from the US Attorney of the Northern District of Florida obtained by Huffington Post, Gunn used video chat services like Omegle and Skype and convinced young girls that he was Bieber. He promised things like concert tickets or backstage access in exchange for topless pictures. Some girls ignored the requests, but other complied. If they did, Gunn would then pressure them for more revealing photos or videos. He told the girls he would either deny them the tickets they had been promised or post the original pictures online to damage their reputation.

Gunn also used another trick in which he made fake Facebook profiles and pretended to be various young boys who had just moved to town and were looking for friends. He used aliases like "Tyler Mielke," "Jason Lempke," "Dalton Powers," and "CJ Harper." He would build the girls' trust and began asking them sexual questions. Eventually he would ask for topless photos.

The schemes date back until at least March 2009, and during that point Gunn moved from his home in Walton, Florida to Montgomery, Alabama. He now faces charges in both states, and is in custody in Alabama.

Authorities believe more than 11 girls were victimized, all between the ages of 9 and 17.

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Kyle Munzenrieder