Florida Man Carjacks Vehicle to Get Pregnant Girlfriend to Hospital

We're not sure what is more "Florida" about this story. That no one would pick up a dehydrated and hitchhiking pregnant woman walking along the road, or that her boyfriend eventually decided to just hijack a random car.

Robert Boudreaux, 31, and his 22-year-old pregnant girlfriend (whose name was not released) were driving to the hospital for an examination when their car ran out of gas in DeLand. According to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, they called up a friend, but the friend would only drive them to Deltona. So the couple walked for several miles.

The girlfriend said she felt dehydrated and was bleeding, so Boudreaux tried to flag down a few cars. No one stopped.

So he decided to pull some force hitchhiking. He stood in the road in the way of an oncoming vehicle until it stopped. Then this happened:

Boudreaux demanded that the 20-year-old driver take them to a hospital, but he initially refused until Boudreaux got angry and threatened to shoot the driver. The couple then got in and the driver went to the intersection of North Normandy Boulevard and Elkcam Boulevard where he stopped for a red light. Boudreaux again got angry and ordered the driver to run the light. The driver refused and Boudreaux grabbed the driver's seat belt, using it to force him back against the seat while Boudreaux yelled that he would shoot the driver if he didn't get out. The driver got out and Boudreaux sped away. The victim told responding deputies that he never actually saw Boudreaux with a gun.

He began driving erratically, and didn't stop until patrol cars eventually blocked him in. The girlfriend was not charged (and, by the way, did end up finally getting to the hospital for her examination), but Boudreaux was charged with armed carjacking, fleeing or eluding and driving with a suspended license.

What makes the story a bit stranger is that the two both had working cellphones and didn't call a cab or for help.

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