Florida Man Calls 911 Ten Times Asking for a Ride to Mexico

Dear fellow Floridians, 911 is not a prostitution service, a Facebook checker, a dream analysis hotline, or a urination location service.

As Alvaro Francisco found out over the weekend, it is also not a Mexican travel agency.

According to The Naples Daily News, Alvaro, a resident of Immokalee started dialing up 911 on Saturday night at 8:16 p.m.

Each time he asked for a ride. Some of the location requests were kind of, sort of reasonable, like his boss's house or a friend's house, but Alvaro also repeatedly asked to be driven to Mexico.

According to Google Maps, a drive from Immokalee to the Gulf coast Mexican town of Matamoros would cover about 1,400 miles and take just over 22 hours in the car.

Obviously, the 911 operators were not interested in helping him out. Alvaro was undeterred. He called a total of ten times until 12:45 a.m.

Eventually, police did send a car to pick him. Though, not to take him to Mexico, but jail.

According to the arrest report, Alvaro smelled of alcohol.

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Kyle Munzenrieder