Florida Man Arrested for Pushing Pregnant Girlfriend Blames Obama

If you're not familiar with the "Thanks Obama" meme, it pokes fun at some people's tendency to blame the president for just about anything. Well, a man in Florida who was arrested for pushing his pregnant girlfriend went on a rambling outburst in which he tried to blame Obama.

According to NorthEscambia.com, police in Escambia County responded to a late-night disturbance at an intersection Saturday night. There they found John Henry Shiffner, 18, cursing to himself and pacing angrily. His 30-year-old girlfriend was nearby. Police determined the fight was only verbal and sent the couple home.

Well, the couple turned a corner and police heard another racket. The fight got so loud that neighbors came out onto their porches to see what was going on.

The girlfriend, who is two and a half months pregnant with Shiffner's child, claims the teen pushed her so hard she fell onto her back.

Shiffner was cuffed and placed into the back of a squad car.

"He stated he did not touch her and then began rambling on about how Obama is right," read the arrest report. "Obama said cops always listen to women."

Riptide could not find any public comments Obama has made about cops always listening to women.

Shiffner was charged with aggravated battery and, after police determined the underage teen was drunk, disorderly public intoxication.

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